Depression: wellness maintaining strategy

Wellness maintaining strategy

Some people never feel depressed, others feel depressed from time to time, and some people experience depressive disorders often. In this article we have gathered the cues and tips, which may be helpful to avoid depression.

First important thing is to realize what your worst depression triggers are and to avoid them. Secondly, try to write down your thoughts when you are close to depression. Many people are just saved by diaries, other have friends to talk about when their stress level is too high. Another important thing not to fall into depression is having ways to relax. Hot bath, your favorite film, or a long walk in the park nearby your house may be the right ways. But beware eating too many sweets to relax, because it is harmful and can lead to depressive eating disorder.

Here is the list of things to control if you want to avoid depression:

  1. Are you sleeping enough?
  2. Are you eating healthy food?
  3. Don’t you avoid social occasions?
  4. Has your appetite changed lately?
  5. Do you have a hobby or an activity to participate?

In order to avoid depression, you should tell your friends and family that you sometimes face this problem, and they should not let you fall into depression by any means. For each person these means are individual. For someone a timely proposed going out is the thing that helps against depression, for someone – participation in volunteer activity. You should control the things out of the list every week. If you notice any changes, try to get help from your family, love, or your doctor. Maybe you will need some kind of anti-depressant for some period of time. If your doctor prescribes you something like Paxil or Emsam, be sure you understand how to use this medicine, you don’t miss any doses, and know for sure what to expect from the medicine you take.

Depression is a disorder just like all other illnesses. Do not be shy to tell about it in order to get help. Wish you good mood and good health!

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