Dentist can save your bones

Dentist X-ray

The main problem of osteoporosis patients is that their disease is usually diagnosed too late, when it is already a serious trouble. It is not easy to make a diagnosis early. Why should one revert to a doctor or pay much money for expensive analysis of bones, for example with DEXA scans, if nothing bothers him?

The answer is simple – just to check the health to prevent serious problems. But do you know one, who thinks about health when he is almost healthy?

For this reason the health care specialists started to thinks about the ways of early diagnosing of osteoporosis and made a suggestion that dentists may become a gateway for osteoporosis patents.

A large part of dentists work is making X-ray scans of patient’s teeth. The idea that may help osteoporosis patients is the development of a special automated X-ray system that will estimate the density of all scanned teeth automatically. If this system is developed, many osteoporosis patients will be saved, because their disease will be recognized and stopped in early stages.

This measure is one of possible ways for preventing osteoporosis. Of course, you should not think about all possible disease and their prevention – only those, which you are at risk to have. And – take preventive measures to strengthen your bones – do exercises and eat healthy, calcium rich food. Besides, Coral Calcium, Calcium Carbonade, Vitamine A&D or other supplement may be advised by your healthcare specialist.

It is easy to identify, if you are at risk of osteoporosis. Your genetic background and race (how odd, but it is real) may play important part.

  1. Osteoporosis is genetically transferred disease, so it is very important to think about health of your bones from the childhood if someone in your family has a history of osteoporosis.
  2. Soon there will appear genetic tests to identify individual risk of osteoporosis.
  3. Race factors: whites suffer from osteoporosis much more often, asians are on the second place and people with black color of skin have osteoporosis rarely.

So, visit dentist at least once a year and maintain healthy lifestyle – this will significantly reduce your osteoporosis risk.

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