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Can diabetes appear during pregnancy?

Diabetes during pregnancy

Yes, it can. Such type of diabetes is called gestational diabetes. It may appear due to several factors. We’ve joined them up in this article. You you’ve noticed the symptoms of diabetes, such as frequent urination, uncontrolled thirst, revert to the doctor. You may require to control the blood glucose levels with special blood lab tests during your pregnancy.

Good news is that gestational diabetes may pass as if it had not been after the birth of a child. So, if you suspect that you are having gestational diabetes, consider the possible symptoms of it to determine your personal risk.

  1. You have BMI more than 30, i.e. you are overweight.
  2. Your children were born with a big mass (more than 4.5 kilos, this is 8 lbs. 5 oz).
  3. You have hypertension.
  4. You are older than 35 years old and this is your first pregnancy.
  5. Some people of your family have type II or type I diabetes.

Also there is greater risk for developing gestational diabetes for women of non-Caucasian origin, including Asian, Hispanic, or African American women. Gestational diabetes is a threat if you don’t care about it. Usually it does not make harm to mother and a future baby, if it is diagnosed at once and the mother gets required care. Gestational diabetes does not require hospitalization. You just need to attend your doctor regularly, do all the lab tests. In serious cases, anti-diabetic medicines may be prescribed, but usually only herbal medicines are required. Serious treatment is used only when clearly needed.

The ways in which you can prevent or stop the development of existing gestational diabetes are:

  1. Spend a lot of time on fresh air. In this way you and your child will get enough air, and the content of blood will improve.
  2. Try to maintain good mood during pregnancy. Your worries may harm your baby and worsen your existing symptoms.
  3. Maintain healthy diet. You shouldn’t eat too many sweets during pregnancy; better chose salads, low-fat milk, cheese, meat, beans, and juices. Be cautious with juices, because they may contain too much sugar.

We wish you health and good outcome of pregnancy – a healthy child. The happiness of maternity is worth having healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.

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