CAD Diet, Carb Blockers, and Weight Loss

Weight Loss

As we said before, weight loss is possible only on the background of lack of calorie you consume. How always, we have choice of the way for reducing the calories. The first thing that you may think about is eating less. This is a typical mistake. There is no need in a very large restriction of calories. You just need to reduce the amount of calories on 300-500 of them. You can do this either by exercising or by rearranging your meals. The main thing is that you should eat - it is impossible not to eat at all. But you should eat healthy food. In this article, we will make you familiar with a kind of diet called CAD, which means The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet.

The authors of this diet are doctors Richard and Rachael Heller. They believe it is very effective and easy. The main idea of this diet is that if the level of insulin is increased by certain meals, this makes an "addict" to eat even more carbs. During this diet you chose the food for you according your body’s hormonal reaction on certain products. The good side of this diet is that during one meal you may eat what you want including carbs, but another two meals should contain only proteins and veggies.

Many experts express the point of view that for most people it is hard to sit on this diet for a long time. That is why, scientists developed special substances that block carbs from food you eat. This is a good alternative to other approaches. You don’t have to suffer, you just eat anything you want, but no harmful fat is adapted by your body.

There are many carb-blockers on the market today, and many of them just go as food supplements and are fully approved by FDA. Doctors often advise to take carb-blockers as a supplement and help during CAD and other diets. Popular carb-blockers include: Liponexol, Advantage Carb Blocker, Nutridine, CarboXactin, and others. Their action is eliminating transferring of carbohydrate to excess calories. Liponexil is issued in capsules, is fully botanic and costs about 39 dollars for bottle. To compare: Nutridine is also botanic carb-blockes, and it costs the same money as well as Advantage Carb Blocker. And CarboXactin is an extra-strength one, it costs 45 dollars per bottle. The amount of bottles you need is determined by your own experience of weight loss. But you should know that it is not for permanent use.

During you are on CAD diet, or take Carb Blockers, your body receives less calories and the fat is burned fast. So you have to think about how much weight you have lost already and stop when you Body Mass Index become normal.

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