Are you sad? This is SAD!


Change of seasons is always accompanied by splash of depressions, anxiety and other psychological disorders. This is explained by change of weather, air temperature, and pressure. One of the variations of seasonal depression is called SAD – this is seasonal affective disorder. This type of depression that is triggered by the seasons, namely it appears when summer ends and late autumn with rains begins. Also this kind of depression can start in spring either, but it is not so often. The depression, which starts in autumn with season of rains, is connected with lack of daylight.

Let us examine this dependence more thoroughly. The hormone serotonin in brain is responsible for feeling of pleasure and good mood. It is produced because of special reactions in brain, in which light is directly involved. Without serotonin there stays too few serotonin in our brain and brain sends signals – there is lack of positive emotions, everything is dark, and rainy, and cold. Then SAD starts. More that 30% of people in countries with winter experience SAD. This is completely normal condition and it should be corrected timely.

Usually SAD is expressed in such symptoms as weight gain due to abnormal consumption of sweets (in unconscious order to stimulate so called reward center in brain), overall increase of appetite accompanied with severe lack of energy, irritability, anxiety, increased sensitivity, tiredness. People with SAD tend to avoid social occasions, though they are not shy, they would better sleep an extra hour. In serious cases, people may experience other symptoms like permanent headache and depression signs.

So, if you feel sad when winter comes, maybe it is SAD. There are several options for treatment of this SAD – seasonal affective disorder. The most wide-spread treatment without any side-effects is light therapy. First thing you should do to avoid winter depression is to buy lamps and make enough light throughout your house. Also you may visit some warm country with plenty of light. If you want, the doctor can prescribe you special light-therapy. This therapy is absolutely free of any side effects.

The other option is used for more severe SADs. This option is anti-depressants. They are not very harmful, but they should be prescribed by the doctor and used as prescribed. Some examples of anti-depressants are Emsam, Remeron, or Paxil. If you know that you have SAD, you may start prevention of it in advance. For example you may take OTC medicines like Ashwagandha which go without prescription; they enable the body to handle this stress.

The only thing is not to leave your seasonal depression untreated. You may do easy steps and be happy again. Wish you good health and good mood during winter!

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