All about Premature Ejaculation


In this article you will find basic definitions and facts about premature ejaculation – all you need to know if you just start searching on this topic.

  1. What is premature ejaculation and how can it be defined?
    Some people think that premature ejaculation is a disease, but for real no doctor can make such a diagnosis. Most specialists today agree that premature ejaculation is a sexual problem caused by complex psychological factors. So, the first thing to remember is that premature ejaculation is rather psychological problem than physical one. If you ejaculate in just few minutes, this doesn’t mean you are premature ejaculator. No definition of premature ejaculation gives time limits. Other factors should be also considered.

  2. Ability to control your ejaculation.
    One of the wide-spread thoughts among men unable to control their ejaculation is that the ability to control your ejaculation is genetically transferred ability and you can’t change anything. That’s not right. The truth is that ejaculation is automatic response of men’s body, just like urination. For some reasons it can be damaged, but this ability can be returned.

  3. Spread of the problem.
    Facing certain health problem, especially sexual one, men and women tend to think they are unique and that few people suffer from this problem. National Health and Social Life Survey concluded that more than 30% men live with premature ejaculation. You are not alone; this problem can be effectively solved.

  4. Treatment of premature ejaculation.
    Thought premature ejaculation is not a disease, this problem may have serious impact on sexual life. There are several approaches to help man gain control over their ejaculation.

  • Behavioral methods. You will have to work with a psychologist to increase your understanding of your sexual response. Also these methods require visits to psychologist together with your partner.
  • Personal work. In order to gain control over you ejaculation process, try to pay more attention to your body. Learning to control your ejaculation is like learning to receive sexual pleasure – it is natural, but if you can’t do this, it may take much time and effort to learn.
  • Medications. Thought this problem is not often talked about, it exists and is quite wide-spread. Te scientists developed special medicines, which affect only the ability to ejaculate. After a short period of treatment, you are able to fully control your ejaculation. One of such medicines, that has received a tone of good testimonials is Premature Ejaculation Cure. It is already approved by FDA and does not require prescription, because premature ejaculation is not a serious disease. It is fully safe, besides.

Everybody chooses - either suffers from problem, or does some steps and overcome this problem. As you understand, premature ejaculation is just a kind of problem that can be effectively solved. Return yourself pleasure from sexual life.

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