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Certainly you have read much about the problems women after 35 experiences while they are trying to get pregnancy. The quantity and the rate of releasing eggs from ovaries fall much at this age. However, even young women may have infertility. It appears that not only women over age 35 deal with infertility. It can happen even when women is 20 or 30 years old. Read why this may happen further.

First of all, the definition of infertility: if the couple can’t conceive during 12-15 month of unprotected sex, this means infertility. If your attempt to conceive has failed once or twice, this means nothing, because these months may have passed without the release of the egg out of the ovary; the next month can be successful. Pay attention to the days you are trying to conceive: your attempts should be right during ovulation. For this purpose, there are special ovulation tests strips.

Secondly, let us make difference between male and female infertility. Statistical data says 50% of infertility cases include male factors. Though there may be many reasons for this, including lack of spermatozoids activity, it is considered that male infertility is closely related to their age.

American Society of Reproductive Medicine’s reports that 22% of couples in USA aged 35-40 years old are unable to conceive. If we talk about younger couples, the figures are as follows: 7% of women between the ages of 20 and 24 suffer from infertility, those women aged 25-30 have infertility in 10% cases, and between women aged 31-35 the infertility rates about 15%.

But keep in mind that these figures are not absolutely correct, because today women usually start trying to conceive in their early 30th, not when they are 20-28, so most of women of younger age don’t know about their infertility. So, the right figures may be about 12-15% in each group.

The conclusion is that infertility affects women of all ages, as well as men. Problems with fertility may occur at any age, and the earlier you realize you are infertile, the earlier you start treatment and the bigger chance of its success is.

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