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If you use Septilin every day, your body builds its own defence mechanism through improved phagocytosis and so protects against day-to-day infections. Every day using Septilin offers protection against not only these everyday infections but also clears chronic, recurrent infections even if they are sub-clinical.

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About Septilin

Septilin strengthens the immune responses of the body. You should take 1 - 2 tablets twice a day, preferably in meal-time. Allow 2-3 weeks for full benefit. Septilin is natural products provides progressive but long-lasting results.

By itself it represents an herbal formulation with an immunemodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties. This medicine stimulates phagocytosis and in this way helps the body overcome infection naturally. Septilin has an unique stimulatory effect: the humoral immunity increases the antibody forming cells, thereby enhancing the secretion of antibodies into the circulation. Septilin helps prevent re-infection as well, augments granulocyte-macrophage differentiation. It’s natural killer cell activity and antibody-dependent cell cytotoxicity.

If you are taking Septilin regularly and miss a scheduled dose, just take it as soon as possible. Taking 2 doses at once is forbidden.

Store Septilin at the room temperature away from moisture and sunlight. Do not let children reach Septilin (as well as other medication).

Septilin Safety information

We have studied over 150 persons with upper respiratory tract infections; Septilin was effective in 92% of the cases, both acute and chronic.

Septilin has no contraindications. Consult your doctor if pregnant or nursing before you start Septilin.

Septilin Side effects

Septilin has no side effects if you take a medicine according to annotation.

Ampills offers Septilin without prescription.