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Hello, Ampills. How to estimate whether bronchitis is of viral or bacterial origin?
Ampills Answer
Hello, Isabella. You need a special blood test.
hi! which one of antibiotcs should i use to treat gonorhea? please answer ASAP
Ampills Answer
To treat gonorrhea 3g of Amoxil are taken as one dose.
r sommerville
had an op in hospital and on metronidazole
says to take at regular intervals with or after food 3 times a day. Does that mean at meal times or spaced out evenly over 24 hour period
Ampills Answer
This means that you should have three meals daily, and take your medications with meals. Normally these meals are spread during daytime, not at night. But you may call your doctor to ensure that we understand everything right in this situation.
I think i have small bowel bactrial overgrowth (SBBO) from the symptoms and additionally a hydrogen breath test. However my GP are brushing it with IBS. SBBO is commonly misdiagnosed with IBS. Clinically IBS symptoms can be due to anything.

There can are many antibiotics prescribed for this. Can you recommend me one which has the shortest course and that preferably wont have too much affect on my natural flora.

thank you!

GI Trainee
Ampills Answer
Ismail, you need to get exact diagnosis. Maybe it is a good idea to take medical advice of other specialists. They will make all necessary analysis and make exact diagnosis. We have no right to advice any antibiotics in such cases. We wish you health!
hi i had bad experiences as a kid that put me off dentists for life, i have a small lump on my gum where my teeth have rotted away, i am treating it with Bonjela, Parecetomol & Corsodiyl, have been for about 3 weeks, i get poison from it some nights, so rinse with corsodiyl, but lump not going very quickly.

I would go to a doctor for antibiotics, but I would not go to a dentist ever again, would i be wasting my time trying to get antibiotics from a doctor for this, or would u have an idea which antibiotic i should try for this that i could buy. thanks for your time
Ampills Answer
Hello Steve, there are schemes to treat every disease. However, to prescribe treatment, it is necessary to see a patient and to see the results of his lab tests. Otherwise, we can advise something improper in concrete case. Please do not try to treat yourself. We are sure that there are good dentists, which can help you.
Emma Buaku
I would like to know the pricipal of antibiotic combination and synergy testing?

Ampills Answer
Combination antibiotics contain more than one antibiotic agent in the preparation. They are designed to either improve efficacy through synergistic action of the agents, or to overcome bacterial resistance.

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