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Can red skin around genitals be herpes? It does not pass, but there are no blisters.
Ampills Answer
Joseph, such redness can be a sign of starting episode of herpes. However, it can also be a sign of fungal or certain sexually transmited infection.
My boy-friend has told me that he has genital herpes. Is it safe to have sexual relation with him in condom (we have not been close yet)?
Ampills Answer
Olivia, genital herpes is the disease which can be transmitted even if there are no signs of herpes on genitals. So, it is obligatory to use condom, and it is better not to contact with the area around genitals. However, if your friend follows treatment schedule by suppressive therapy scheme, with Zovirax, for example, the possibility of transmitting herpes becomes very low.
Hello. This is an urgent question. My husband has the outbreak of his HSV-2. How can I prevent the child from transmitting this virus?
Ampills Answer
Hello, Inga. Preventive measures in this case should be the following: - avoid your child's and husband's contacts during the outbreak; - maintain the hygiene of hands; - give all members of your familiy indivdual soap and towels; - you, your child, and your husband should sleep in different beds; - your husband should treat from HSV-2. Acyclovir (Zovirax), Neovir, or Valtrex are best possibilities.
Hi. I have herpes on lips 4-5 times every year. Should I accept pills or use cream to cure it?
Ampills Answer
Hi, Michael. Infrequent episodes of herpers on lips should be treated symptomatically, i.e. with Zovirax cream on the places of sores.
Hello! I am 12 weeks pregnant, and the blood lab test has shown that I have herpes virus in my blood. Is this a threat for the future child? Do I have to take anti-viral medicines to prevent transmitting herpes to my baby?
Ampills Answer
Hello Grace. No, you don't need any treatment. There is no threat for your future child. 95% people on Earth have HSV-1 in their blood.
Shirley Bowie
I have never had herpes but had cateracts removed from my eyes and the right eye became infected with the virus--I have had dozens of visits to the spedialist who did the operation and he is continuing to treat the problem. I have lost a lot of vision which he says he will treat with Laser when I get rid of the infection. I don't want to jepodise my treatment but I also noticed that one of his assitants had a cold sore on his lip!! I have three lots of drops and an ointment but not a lot is happening. I have a very healthy diet plus have pure orange juice every morning and carrot, celery and beetroot juice every afternoon
Is there anything else I could do as I am not feeling my usual healthy self. Is it possible that the virus is through my system as I have been getting tingling feelings in my feet, fingers and over my body?? There are no other outbreaks apart from the eye problem Thanks Shirley
Ampills Answer
You have been infected by herpes during the operation, and now you need a herpes treatment. The best way is to take Zovirax. Herpes now will never leave your body completely, but it will outbreak very rarely.

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