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My doctor says that my vaginal yeast infection has been cause by the bath gel I am using for personal hygiene. But I don't understand how infection could be caused by bath-gel. Does the doctor lie to me or what???
Ampills Answer
Alexis, surely the doctor is absolutely right. The reason is in deep medical classification of infections. The infection can be expressed quite different in different parts of the body.
Hi. I accidentally used the towel of a person with fungus. How soon should I expect signs of fungus and how to prevent them?
Ampills Answer
Tyler, it is not obligatory that you have fungus However, if you feel any symptoms, take Lamisil at once.
Vicki Westover
I have had a fungus infection in my toenails for at least 2-3 years, my Dr. sent a toenail clipping to see if it would grow a fungus. He said it is definitely a fungus, but they couldn\'t get it to grow a fungus to see what kind of fungus it was so My Medical will not cover the medication and he said it was $250.00 a month for a year. I can\'t remember what it was called, but I looked it up at the time and it said it was bad for your kidney and liver. Is there anything else I could take. I would really like to get rid of it. I also have lumps on my hands and real dry hard skin between my thumb and hands that will not clear up it looks like I have been burned. Could it be a fungus infection as well> The dermatologist says it is sun damage.
Ampills Answer
Hello Vicki. According to your description of the damage of skin on your hands, it really looks like sunburn. Have you tried moisturizing cream? For such fungus infections in toenails, as yours, we offer Lamisil - it is very effective. Other anti-fungal medicine which appeared to be very effective and rarely cause side effects is Lotrisone. We wish you to get rid of your fungus fast - it is quite possible. Good luck!
hi,just ask is the LGSIL is a kind of fungus?is LGSIL is a serious infection?
Ampills Answer
Low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion, or LGSIL, is a level of cervical dysplasia and is detected through a Pap smear. It means mild dysplasia, more than likely caused by the human papillomavirus, not fungus. It can be detected by using a colposcope. Good luck and be healthy.
I am working in dubai and the temperature here is high and the place inbetween my thighs the skin is broken and i dint know so i use soap and now the skin is fully gone and paining.Kindly advice me a medicine and I am a lady i cant go and ask pharmacy the same
Ampills Answer
So you think it's fungal infection? It may be other type of skin damage. It would be better that doctor looks at you skin damage. The doctor will be able to make exact diagnosis and it will be then clear which treatment you need. If it is fungus, maybe you will be advised to use Lotrisone cream (gives good results) or Lamisil. But please ask the doctor to tell you what is your illness. Hope ladies can do this in Dubai. Good luck and be healthy!

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