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Lotrinsone is used to treat local fungal infections with tinea pedis (athlete's foot), tinea cruris, or tinea corporis. The infections that can be treated by Lotrisone are quicker and more effectively healed by it than in cases when a patient is treated by either Betamethasone Dipropionate or Clotrimazole only.

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About Lotrisone

Lotrisone is a cream combined of anti-fungal medication, clotrimazole, and an anti-inflammatory medication that is betamethasone dipropionate. When treating fungal infection it should be either applied to the skin or inserted vaginally. It is possible to dissolve in the mouth.

The Lotrisone cream is to be drawn down accurately to the infected and adjacent areas of skin, in general twice a day, in the morning and evening.

Lotrisone should be kept at the temperature of 20-30 degrees C (36-86 degrees F).

Lotrisone Safety information

Lotrisone appears in FDA GRAS (Generally recognised as safe list).

Lotrisone Side effects

The most common side effects are headache and diarrhoea. Some side-effects that have not been described may happen. In this case you should talk to your doctor about any side-effect that bothers you or seems either suspicious or strange to you.

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