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My son is 3 years old, and he does not want to eat anything except sweets. Does this increase his risk for diabetes?
Ampills Answer
Anthony, in theory - yes, it does. But it depends on your family history of diabetes. Do not keep sweets in your house. Instead, keep only healthy sneaks. The absence of appetite is normal for such age.
Hello! Are there any herbal supplements which would help to prevent diabetes? My blood sugar is currently a little bit more than normal.
Ampills Answer
Tyler, hello. There are no ways to prevent diabetes with supplements, only healthy way of life. However, if you lose excessive weight, stop smoking, and start exercising, you can prevent it. Try Stop Smoking Patch if you smoke, Acomplia if you need to reduce your appetite, and take long walks on fresh air.
During last few weeks I have been feeling constantly thirsty. Can this be a sign of diabetes?
Ampills Answer
Elizabeth, this is one of the possible symptoms of diabetes. But it can be just thirst because it is hot in your location or because you smoke or take alcohol. Think about possible reasons in your environment and if you suspect diabetes, revert to the doctor.
My father in low got diabetes according to doctors he got level 17 (I don't know how it calls in medicine Level or % ). And he has this diabetes more than ten years. And he is 62 years old. So could you please advise if there is any way or medicines to get rid of it.
With Hope To Receive Any Advises Regarding Below Issue
Thanks and Best Regards Begench
Ampills Answer
Hello, Begench. Please tell us, is this diabetes type I or II? For these two types of diabetes there are quite different treatments. The thing you should realize is that diabetes is the disease, which can not be cured completely. However, the levels (or %) of glucose in blood can be significantly reduced, and the general condition of person with diabetes can be really improved with healthy lifestyle (reduction of sugar and alcohol consumption, fresh air, 2-3 vegetable meals daily, stop smoking), and modern medicines. The choice of anti-diabetic medication depends on the type of diabetes person has, and some of personal health characteristics. Mainly it is determined by the doctor.
Is there any over the counter medicine you can purchase to help get rid fungus on the penis from when your diabetes is high?
Ampills Answer
Maybe Lamisil. You should consult the doctor first, because this may be not fungal infection.
c simmonds
I am on roiglitazone 4mg daily and rampril 10mg capsules and simvastatin 80mg daily but will not be able to get them for 3 days ? should I increas my meterformin from 1,500mg to 200mg I will be back to normal on Tuesday or wednesday.
Ampills Answer
Dear Cynthia. The medicines you accept are prescription and you take them because they were prescribed to you by your doctor. All questions about the adaptation of doses should be discussed with the doctor that prescribed you these medications, because the answer depends on you personal health conditions. Good luck and be healthy.
We have a history of diabetes in the family, so far im not one. I have seen family members loose weight & belive its down to them takin metformin tablets. Can i use these to help me loose weight or would they cause me problems??
Ampills Answer
Diane, you should no take metformin unless you are prescribed to do so. You may use simple weight loss tools, like exercises, diets, or special weight loss medications, that are safe for your health, like Phentrimine, AyurSlim, or Green tea. Good luck and be healthy!
Greg Ford
I am a diabetic and my upper body has started to feel like needles are sticking in my pores. is that normal for a diabetic or am i reacting to something my medicine or something i am eating
Ampills Answer
We can't tell you exact diagnosis without seeing you, but this may be diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain. This is usually treated with such medicines as Cymbalta, but you need to see your doctor first. Good luck and be healthy.
Am having type 2 diabetic at the age of 30 after pergnancy. My history has diabetic. Am taking insulin and medicine to reduce the glucose level. Am gaining weight , how can i reduce that weight.
Ampills Answer
You should do exercises, this will also benefit your glucose level.
When i go for jogging or running or walking my legs at the down feet is paining sivere.
Ampills Answer
There may be many reasons, not only DNP.
Can you explain what will be the reasons
Ampills Answer
There are lots of reasons. Among them: - heredity, especially if your mother had diabetes; - sex: diabetes is twice as often in women; - pregnancy; - obesity; - severe stress.
since i started my glocophage medicine, i m having lots of hair loss. is it possible the hair loss is from the glocophage?
Ampills Answer
This is not in a list of usual side effects from glocophage, but it can be your personal reaction or the result of interaction with some other medicine you take.

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