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Is it asthma if I am coughing for already tree month after bronchitis)? I have moderate coughing spells about 2 times a day.
Ampills Answer
Alyssa, it looks like chronic bronchitis.
Can allergy be transmited from mother to child? How to prevent this?
Ampills Answer
Madison, allergy is not a transmitted disease, it is an immunity problem. But the child can inherit the allergy his or her mother or father has. The prevention is in breast-feeding and giving your child the food on which you personally don't have allergic reactions.
what are the latest drugs used as a anti allergy what about Rupatidine?
Ampills Answer
The medical approaches to treatment differ due to the type of allergy we have to deal with. If it is seasonal allergy, the latest drugs are Allegra and Claritin. If you need to treat more serious cases, it is necessary to pass special lab tests to establish which drug suits you personally - not just buy and take the latest medicine.
do any asthma drugs interfere with epilepsy drugs.
Ampills Answer
Dear Belinda, There therapy for asthma and epilepsy is rather complicated, and it is not easy to answer such a general question. However, if you name exact drugs, this will be easier. Believe your doctor. As a rule, the doctor knows what he prescribes and won't make harm to his patient. Good luck and be healthy!
For my epilepsy I take Tegretol,Topamax,Clonazepam
And I've been told by my PCP my allery meds could like Flonase,Singulair an dfew other things I take could of been reason my seizures increased.
Ampills Answer
Dear Belinda, it should be clear that if you are taking treatment with such serious medicines as Tegretol,Topamax,Clonazepam, you should always ask your doctor before taking any other medicine - prescription or otc, even about food supplements, because there is always chance that they can interact. Be careful!
symptoms of allergy. what are the harmful effect of anti allergic medicine. and allergy is controlled.
Ampills Answer
There can be many symptoms like rash, itchy, watery eyes, or congestion. Modern anti allergic medicines have few side effects if any, and you can control your allergy.

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